Research Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences(RJABS) is published by American-Eurasian Network for Scientific Information (AENSI Publisher), Jordan. Research Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences(RJABS)is an international scientific journal edited and published by AENSI publications, Jordan. Research Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences(RJABS) exists to publish results of research in all area of scientific. Papers are welcomed from both developed and developing countries describing original investigations of interest to those engaged in scientific research. The material should not have been previously published elsewhere. Review articles on a particularly hot subject may be suggested to the editor-in-chief. Book reviews, news of international meetings and activities, letters to the editors and editorial notes will also be published at the editors' discretion.

Scope of Research Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences(RJABS): :

::Agricultural Sciences ::Applied Biology ::Marine Technology ::Arboriculture ::Arid soil research and rehabilitation ::Agribusiness
::Agronomy ::Animal science ::Aquaculture ::Bioinformatics ::Bio-processing ::Coastal erosion and shoreline management
::Coastal water quality protection and management ::Crop science ::Cytogenetic ::Agricultural chemistry ::Agricultural development ::Agricultural economics
::Applied Physics ::Applied chemistry ::Marine Sciences ::Applied Mathematics ::Atmospheric Sciences ::Chemistry
::Computer Databases & Software ::Construction ::Animal and Veterinary Sciences ::Biomedical Materials ::Energy Resources & Research ::Environmental Engineering
::Fire & Fire Prevention ::Food & Food Industry ::Dairy science ::Ecosystems ::Entomology ::Environmental impacts
::Environmental remediation and restoration ::Agricultural engineering ::Agricultural extension ::Agricultural genomics ::Agricultural microbiology ::GIS and remote sensing applications
::Horticulture ::Irrigation ::Lives stock ::Environmental sciences ::Epigenetic ::Fish and fisheries
::Food and nutritional sciences, ::Forestry ::Marine litter ::Marine science ::Marine trade and transportation ::Medicinal plants
::Natural resource ecology and management ::Pesticide science ::Plant breeding ::Plant pathology ::Plant protection ::Pollution
::Post harvest biology and technology ::Poultry science ::Seed science research ::Soil science ::Stored products research ::Structure/synteny
::Sustainable Development ::Systematic biology ::Tree fruit production ::Veterinary ::Virology ::Viticulture
::Waste management ::Water resources management ::Weed biology ::Geology ::Industrial Engineering ::Machine Learning
::Machinery ::Metallurgy ::Mineralogy ::Mining Engineering ::Neural Networks ::Oceanography
::Optical & Neural Computing ::Petroleum & Gas ::Physics ::Solid State Technology ::Textile Industry & Fabrics ::Transportation
:: Waste Management